Hakone Vert Fest Again, Backward and With Added Mountain Goodness
Turning the last big Hakone Run we did around, this time we'll start at the Moto Hakone 7-11 and run from there around the caldera back to Hakone Yumoto Station. Since our legs will be fresh when we start, we'll forego the lake trail, and instead rise above it and run over the mountains up above the lake all the way to Kintoki, and then on to Myojin, Myojo, Tonosawa, and beyond. Because I sort of think "Advanced" should be reserved for the multi-day Alpine treks Robert Self sometimes leads, I'm calling this "Intermediate," but it is nearly 40km, and there is a lot of climbing and descending, so be ready for a long day in the mountains. (For those who would like a shorter run there are several places where you could drop out. before Yumoto Station.) Let's meet at the Hakone Yumoto Station "kaisatsu guchi" and then take the bus over to Moto-Hakone together. I've pencilled in 9:00 as a start time, but would love to get going earlier if that works for the group. Maybe when we see who's interested we can ask the people who live the farthest away if it's possible to set an earlier start-time. Trail running shoes required, and since, after we leave Moto-Hakone, the top of Kintoki is about the only place we can buy food and drinks, you'll need a pack in which you can carry food and water. There are lockers at Hakone Yumoto, and onsen there, too, for after the run. Also beer. (The route attached to this announcement shows us running along the lake, but as I explained above . . . .)
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