TNVNB 2nd Summer Start Time
Just trying to make it through this Monday after a 4 day weekend is kinda brutal, so I figured I'd get this event set up to give myself something to look forward to tomorrow after work! Last week was great and we had yet another record number of attendees for the ride. It was super fun and everyone did a great job of being conscious to keep the road clear and safe for all riders and cars. The pace was near perfect and just about everyone stayed together and attached. I want to say "thanks!" to Devin who stayed back to escort one of the gals I didn't realize had been left behind. Last week's weather was pretty perfect as well and it's looking like tomorrow night should be about the same. Even so, it's not a bad idea to bring at least a wind vest for the ride down. If you live further away some lights might be a good call for the last miles of your ride and please bring your preferred beverage in a can or non glass container for safety. Hope to see you tomorrow afternoon! Cheers C.J.
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