Come join us for the 2nd Prune Hill 10k! This will be another fun one that will display all of the climbing goodness that Camas' Prune Hill has to offer. The route as been designed so we can simultaneously run a 5k option for those of you who take their climbing in slightly smaller doses. This was a lot of fun last year and should be an equally good time this year. Given that I live smack in the middle of all of this climbing (and less than a mile from the starting point), I will offer up my house for coffee, water refills, hot chocolate, bananas, and restroom needs at the halfway point. There will even be celebratory beverages once complete! If you have any questions, ask away - comment below. Also, feel free to invite any friends who you think would like this sort of nonsense :) This will be a rain or shine ride... we got a little rain last year and it was a complete non-factor. *If it is raining, please use fenders or kindly ride in the back **If it is raining, I suggest covering your Garmin (or gps device that you will be using) with a small plastic bag so water does not interfere with the barometric sensor that will be tracking your accumulated elevation gain... this can be frustrating! ***Route note - some how, it only shows us doing the Sierra climb at the beginning once. Strava's route creator was acting up and actually crashed the first time I made the route causing me to start over - ugh! We will do Sierra twice and can trim some of the end once everyone has surpassed the 10k mark.
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