QDR Destination Run #1- Queens Mall to The Rockaways!
MEETUP- Queens Center Mall (Queens Blvd and Woodhaven Blvd), 7:30AM, use this time to use the BATHROOM at MCDONALDS if you must! PACE GROUPS THUNDER (10:00 Pace and Above)- 7:40AM DEPARTURE CHASE (Between 8:00 and 10:00 Pace)- 7:50AM DEPARTURE RABBITS (8:00 and Under)- 8AM DEPARTURE ROUTE- 11 Miles, Straight Line down Woodhaven Blvd- Elevation- Net Downhill Another Season of Fall Marathon Training Kicks off! QDR Destination Run #1 is on the calendar! It's almost like we are establishing CULTURE of running in Queens. People are messaging me asking, sometimes almost demanding that I LEAK rosters, and put training dates up on the calendar. I can confirm that we will have at least SIX Destination Runs, and I will make sure not to schedule them too close to Points Races or NYRR Training Dates, making this as convenient as possible for all! This kickoff run features a most scenic and refreshing destination, THE ROCKAWAYS, a perfect way to kickoff our Destination Series. What also works in our favor is that you don't have to worry about things like making turns, getting lost, because it's a STRAIGHT LINE down Woodhaven Blvd! The distance is long enough to make it a Long Run, but short enough to be accomplished by all that come. As always, COMMENT if you'll be coming and which group you'll start with, and CALLING ALL BIKERS, we could always use you, locating and making sure our runners are ok! And getting back? NO PROBLEM, the Q53 is an EXPRESS BUS that literally takes you back to the Queens Center Mall in under 30 minutes time! I'm talking fast, fast, FAST! Remember our EPIC team picture, let's do it again as we kick-off Fall Marathon Training with this run to The Rockaways!
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