" virtual Ride/Survey " - should we ride again next Sunday out of Hester Park?
Thanks to everyone who was able to come out this morning. A few riders asked whether we'd go out again next Sunday morning, July 8. I already have a 7am ride on my Kalendar for next Sunday, a little bit longer/little bit faster Ride with some pals out in northern Guilford County. BUT... if we have at least 5 or 6, maybe 8 or 10 people who would like a similar pace, similar distance, similar start time out of Hester Park... i can ride with my other riding buddies on Sunday morning the 15th July. if we go out again as the Triad LDR Group next Sunday, let's go out at 8:20 am from Hester Park. That way the gates to the park should actually be open. We can park in the seriously shady parking lot where I had hoped we could park this morning. Please let me know, if you think we could push the distance out to 26, maybe 27 miles next Sunday the 8th. I heard various reports of today's average pace, from 12.3 mph to 12.5, all the way up to as much as 13.2 mph. It seemed like everyone was within the limits of their comfort zone. Thanks! -wayne
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