5x1k Repeats @ 5k effort - Andrew Moizer's 12.1 km run
Figured it was time to see where my fitness is, and get my legs turning over. Pretty pleased with things, although was hoping my 4th repeat was faster than in turned out. Gave it my all, and needed a longer recovery before I did the last one, which was nearly as fast but seemed not as grueling. 3rd rep was up the hill. Analysis: Splits 4:16, 4:18, 4:22, 4:09, 4:11. Avg Hr 148, 154, 155, 160, 154. Max Hr's: 157, 161, 164, 170, 166. Cumulative 5k time: 21:16, equal to my 5k race PB :). Legs felt a bit stiff, so the lack of running probably wasn't a good thing.
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