FTP Party (1 of 3)
To members of The Firm: The gradual descent into winter is slowly becoming a reality. The 2017 season brought us an endless amount of joy, suffering and everything in between. So, it's time bid adieu to our fitness and say hello to extra helpings of stuffing and mashed potatoes.... NOT!!! Here's the scoop, poops! We all know we are barely holding onto our fitness this time of year. Time on the bike is dwindling. That's fine. I can accept that. But, let's be real, Holyfield. 2018 is gonna sneak up on you, as fast as Paul attacks a downhill after wheelsucking the past 3 miles, and drops you like a hot piece of toast. You gonna let him do that to you? Do you really want 2018 to be another year of watching Chris ride off the front while sipping a half-caffeinated beverage and munching on a bagel? No sir eeee!!! Not on my watch! Well guess what my little lovers of anaerobic threshold. We are gonna have, what i call, a FTP party! That's right. Bring your bike over, throw it on the Wahoo Kickr and let's see what kind of watts you're starting your 2018 fitness at. There will be no sandbagging as the rest of the Firm members will be YELLING THROUGH YOUR SOUL TO PUSH IT!!! In 6 months, we will have another test. Most improved rider gets a cookie and some chamois butter. Don't act like you have something planned on that day already. When you're done with service, pack up your bikes and high tail it over to my basement. * Stuffing and mashed potatoes after the FTP test #FIRMLIFE
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