Thursday ROAD Team Training Ride
***Start Times and Locations May Vary Week to Week***PLEASE CHECK DISCUSSION BELOW*** These rides can offer a wide-range of training opportunities - structured intervals, mock races, skills and tactics practice, less structure "games" like jumps and attacks/chasing rabbits, etc. but each ride is a great way to ride with your teammates and get faster. I want those that can attend each week to decide the best time and location to meet up as well as what the ride will be. If needed we can do multiple locations if it doesn't work for everyone. In the past these rides have started from either pedal or at the top of Chatfield Dam, but we've also done rides at Red Rocks. IF YOU HAVE AN IDEA SUGGEST IT IN THE DISCUSSION. Tuesday will typically be a bit more high intensity than Thursday so we are fresher going into weekend races, but there are no rules!
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