28 Day February Cycling Challenge 2018
Rules of the 28 Day February Cycling Challenge 1) You must cycle or cross-train EVERYDAY in February - no other month (Yes, including Valentine's day) 2) 28 minutes minimum a day. 3)You can do the challenge on your bike, turbo trainer, exercise bike and spinning bike. (Mix it around) 4) It's a personal challenge. If you think you are cheating you probably are. 5) The days you are not cycling you can cross-train with any sport for 28 minutes - running, walking, swimming, doing weights, classes, football, tennis etc 6)You can cycle at whatever pace you like and where ever you like. 7) Bring your camera with you on your spins and share your photo's with us 8) Have fun and share your experience with us!! #2828 It's not a competition. Just a personal challenge and incentive to get you back enjoying on the bike. Lastly post up your photos, routes, share this event with your friends and lets get as many people cycling as possible. Facebook Event - Thanks from all at Cycling Ireland
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