Greenbriar-Dirt Mulholland and the Eastern Santa Monicas
More fall weather forecast this weekend! Don't miss the window before the heat considers a return. 6:45 meet, 7am roll. Dirt Mulholland and the eastern side of the Santa Monica range, near Topanga State Park, are always a good time with glorious panoramas of the LA Basin. Multiple options for riders ranging from all day adventures to out and back to the Hub with choices made depending on who turns out. A few are detailed below. We park at the top of Greenbriar instead of the Braemar Country Club near Caballero trailhead on Reseda due to ease of meeting the group and security, as there are break-ins commonly on Reseda. We form up at the helipad just above the trailhead. There will be a group of advanced riders tackling the J Drop and Squirrel cage: Here is the Relive of that 19 mile, technical ride: By riding with the Shepherd Church Mountain Bike Club I understand and accept the following: ► I understand that mountain biking can be dangerous and accidents can result in either injury or death. ► I understand that it is my responsibility to determine if my riding skills match the difficulty of the trail we are riding on. ► I understand that ride schedulers accept no responsibility for my safety on any ride, and that I undertake any ride knowing that I and I alone am responsible for my safety on the ride.
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