#YCC tons 2 & 3 of 2018 courtesy of the one-off Blue Moon Dynamo. Kudos to all 9 of us original Blue Mooners - a spiffing bunch of people! I continued onwards to bag my second ever "Abraham", a 200 miler like the legend Steve Abraham did during his HAMR - Aphid Hancock's 207.2 mi bike ride
Also my official longest properly-recorded ride to date. Notable memories: Some guy pinched a TV from a house, right under our noses. The dawn chorus began at 03:21. I lost (and recovered) my Ass Saver in Sudbury at 01:30ish in the morning. I lost (but couldn't find) my Ass Saver on local roads later on! I need bags to attach to the bike, not a flipping rucksack!
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