Monthly Meeting - non members welcome
The 1st Wednesday of every month is the club meeting. All welcome to come and meet the club members and find out what is going on. In the summer we aim for a short 20-25km ride to a pub on the outskirts of Bristol to begin the meeting around 8-8.30pm During the winter it is held mainly at The Annexe in the conservatory. Good beers and pizza aplenty. A short ride before hand may be available. The 'normal' start locations: -- RIDE RULES Whilst these rides are social and no drop please be aware this is not a beginners cycling club. Our average speeds for evening rides are around 20-24kph. Leader: 1. Introduce yourself and helpers, make sure you all have each others numbers. 2. Slow when needed or stop to allow everyone to catch up; give those catching up a breather too. Adjust speed accordingly. Group: 1. Do not pass the Leader: a) except on ascents but recongregate at the top in a safe location. b) unless expressly told to do so. 2. Ride no more than two abreast. 3. Listen to communication from Leader and Helpers: a) CAR UP - your bum so from behind. b) CAR DOWN - your throat so from infront. - thin out as appropriate. - for a gap in the group so it can leap frog if necessary. 4. Communicate within the group: a) if a gap is forming behind relay this forward. b) same for punctures, ALL STOP. c) call out potholes and other obstructions. d) use hand signals too if you can. - hand behind the back points at the obstruction not the way you are moving. If you'd like to lead a Wednesday ride and aren't an admin then please get in touch below. **Admins please don't delete this reoccurring event. If there is any text that is likely to be re-used just leave it below this make life easier.
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